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08.15.05 - 7:11 p.m.

Put up tennis party pix from Friday. It was off the hook, as the kids are wont to say.

I'm currently trying to write a criticalbeatdowns post about the mix Az. made for the party (quite a good party mix if I do say so myself).

In a few days I might have a new job, but more I can't say. Never blog about work stuff! Just a basic rule, rarely violated.

fig a: me & my lovely date. note the tennis photo booth!

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this photo rocketed to the top of my 'most viewed' list in a matter of hours. What can I say, it's a hot shot. Az. took that one though, not me!

other things to maybe write about- all the interesting people & conversations at the party, girl at Maxfield's with "FUCK YOU" watch, delicious sliced pluots on toothpicks, mondro aka cultofme visiting, the hilarious midnight showing of Showgirls, ...


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