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08.28.05 - 2:58 a.m.

Kerala, 2000

Half a pink one; quality control;

Thinking about Indian pride... Dano's gf is half Chinese and we were talking about our backgrounds. Do I have Indian pride?

Not in the sense of feeling that I struggled to accomplish something... more just being aware of the strengths & cool things in the culture...

My cousin Gaythri's husband Salil went to I.I.T. The I.I.T. schools in India might be the best technical unis in the world. An absurd number of I.I.T. graduates went on to start up companies in Silicon Valley.

Salil worked for SAP for a while, traveling around the globe. They lived in San Francisco, New Zealand, Germany... actually the first time I ever visited San Francisco was to hang out with Gaythriakka and Salil. We went white water rafting & I lost my glasses.

So I'm proud of I.I.T., proud of Salil. He's smarter than you, but also very nice. Gaythriakka & Salil are hardcore vegans. The females on my mom's side of the family are all workers & achievers. Proud of that.

Proud of my mom's dad, who died before I was born. I wish I could have met him. He sounds pretty cool. I guess he's in me whether I met him or not.

We are Konkani. We're brahmins, the priest caste. We value knowledge above all else???

I'm excited to go back to India but 3 weeks isn't enough. So much going on these days. I'm starting a new role at work on Monday; exciting but nerve-wracking, been 3 years since I jumped into something new. It's good though; my brain was stagnating.

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