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09.12.05 - 8:45 p.m.

Been so busy, in a good way, mostly. Things I haven't written about:

1) Az. and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary at the Kenwood Inn in Sonoma. Most lavish hotel room we'd ever stayed in. 3 great years and more to come. We met at Burning Man, and ideally that's where we'll we'll be come year 4.

2) Conversion to Judaism happens in November. In the meantime, more reading & study... people at work suggested a Jewish name for me: "Amarbraham"

3) Started a new gig at work. So far so good... busy but I really like the people, and it's nice to be learning again, more engaged with my craft. Been reading Computer Networks: A Systems Approach, trying to learn how the Internet works. I'll never really get the math behind CRCs or Shannon's Theorem, but it's interesting to try. Idly daydreaming about going back for a masters in CS, filling in some gaps in my knowledge... I'd take a course in databases, course in graphics, course in networking, course in security... and maybe a course in ethics...

4) Lots of socializing, some good friends moving to town, some good friends leaving... My brother's coming to town to interview at law firms. Will be cool to have him here next year. He has a lemon tree

5) IS this the most generic entry ever? I'm sorry, I'm too tired to put in the details that make it worthwhile. At least you can have a pretty song, to which one cannot sing along.

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