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10.05.05 - 11:43 p.m.

Back from NYC... we flew there to visit Az's family for Rosh Hashanah... good times w/ Lina, Rich, Julie in Williamsburg on Sat/Sun... saw Polyphonic Spree, Belle & Sebastian & Beck at Coney Island. Beck was the best. At one point he told his band to take a dinner break, and they brought out a full dinner set with wineglasses & everything. The band started eating while he played guitar, but after a few minutes they started tapping on their wineglasses and pretty soon Beck had an elaborate tinkling wineglass rhythm section...

pardon me for being elliptical. if not too lazy I should wax effusive re barcade, NYC in the sun, jane jacobs... Also I could yack yer ear off re religion & Mon/Tues in Long Island, but that might be a topic for the friends-only fortress.
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