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10.11.05 - 4:16 p.m.

I wrote a Python script that transfers all your Diaryland entries to Livejournal.

Also, in not-unrelated news: I'm moving from Diaryland to Livejournal!

The main reasons I'm switching to LiveJournal:

1) ability to make entries 'friends only' -- the only way to do this on diaryland is to password protect your diary, then give your friends the password. Passwords are lame.

2) every post is a conversation -- comments are threaded and attached to posts

3) ability to browse through random people more effectively via 'interests' -- I've basically given up on finding interesting new people on diaryland, because there just aren't enough ways to sift through the chaff. (Anguished 16 year olds who spell "boy" "boi" are chaff)

4) LJ is open source and full of cool features -- communities, calendar, etc... Diaryland is just one dude-- Andrew-- and while he's very nice, the site has crashed several times & tech support sucks.

To use the script: first install Python, then save the script as Open it up and fill in your LJ username/pwd and diaryland URL. Then just double click. Right now it only works with a few diaryland date formats, and it assumes you haven't given your entries custom filenames. I can improve it if there's demand. Python is cool.

I really hope some of you dland kids will join me. Think of all the fun we'll have! Think of the comments! Think of the children! JOIN ME!

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