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06.01.06 - 11:28 p.m.

Q: What does the future look like to you?
A: A lot of pill popping
Q: And what do you mean by that
A: More & more undesired personality traits turn out to be chemical imbalances that can be corrected, and so we achieve better living through chemistry
Q: But whither art?
A: Surely you don't buy that old "artists need suffering" bit...
Q: Give back Van Gogh his ear and what do you have?
A: The beginnings of a joke I suppose. Alright, let him suffer then. He'd suffer even with two ears, since he was perpetually broke.
Q: Is this the old "artists need poverty" bit?
A: Just saying. Anyway, don't these pills cost money? Will everyone get them or just the rich?
Q: Probably just the rich.
A: With enough pills & all the wrinkles ironed out, what do you have?
A: No depression. No anxiety. Fitter, happier, more productive
Q: Will the poor rise up?
A: Free pills now available, courtesy of the rich
Q: Can we all achieve a state of perfect happiness if we just sit here and take our pills?
A: Is happiness the end goal?
Q: It's not philosophy, despite what Aristotle claims
A: Shouldn't that be in the form of a question?
Q: That wasn't an answer
A: The future is confusing but I guarantee it will involve more pills
Q: Unless they find a better delivery mechanism
A: A fine mist delivered through the air vents
Q: A particular waveform on the radio
A: A 30-second advertisement
A: The future is now dog
Q: In the future ads will be everywhere
A: On the moon?
Q: Transmitted directly into your brain
A: Eventually no one will want anything
Q: And then we will all be free
A: And then we'll eventually starve to death but be ok with that
Q: The pills produced an unexpected ending
A: Not with a bang nor a whimper
Q: We medicated ourselves right out of the game
A: Maybe dogs will get smart
Q: Next up to bat: super-intelligent cats
A: But what about dolphins? Or chimps? Once we're gone who's most likely to take over?
Q: Why is intelligence even the main criterion? Why not biomass or ability to out last nuclear catastrophe?
A: Why always from our point of view anyway?
Q: What does the future look like to an ant?
A: Much the same as the present
Q: What does the future look like to the universe?
A: Maybe the past, if it's a loop
Q: What does that even mean?!
A: I don't see any of this translating into a good Burning Man project
Q: Maybe a tape of an endless dialog
A: Maybe a posterboard, 20 feet long, mapping out species & their projected lifetimes
Q: Maybe a diorama?
A: It would have to be very sturdy.
Q: And elevated so nobody steps on it
A: What is the point of thinking about the future?
Q: Helps shape it I guess
A: The future doesn't really exist and yet it does
Q: Quite
A: Maybe bags of sugar pills that all have different fake effects
Q: Who's going to take pills from a stranger?
A: This is Burning Man
Q: Quite

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