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12.17.02 - 8:49 p.m.

gots to kill some time till i leave for bart. train comes at 9:15 and if i leave too early i'll be stuck there waiting in the cold.

work is stressing me out

flowers for algernon, crime and punishment, about a boy, best american essays 1995, girl, interrupted. these are the books i have read in the last few weeks. i often wonder what lasting value books have. what am i really taking away from crime and punishment, aside from the firm conviction that russian names are impossible to remember?

the lingering aura of madness, the question of why i do not put my hands around anybody else's neck and squeeze. what makes me moral and not napoleon? if it is true that suffering is redemption then my job is gonna save me for sure.

no, things aren't so bad here. i don't get home till late, but the money is good. we each got a bottle of champagne on friday to celebrate sc4 passing cqc (quality control). they gave us t-shirts too. i picked up one that said "outrun the cops" (i guess ea is making some kind of gta clone now?) but sadly, it was extra large, so i had to trade it for a large that says "take omaha beach."

i watched mulholland drive last night. that one scene (you know the one) was hot. as for the plot, i didn't expect it to make any sense, but still i was faintly surprised. how does lynch get funding for movies this weird? does he have pictures of rich hollywood executives f*cking goats?

i thought this guy's explanation of the story was pretty reasonable.

spinach risotto and mallorcan salmon at lorca

kill this tomorrow . droppin science like galileo dropped the orange

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