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09.10.00 - 21:37:01

A good weekend.


Went to see the Asylum Street Spankers in Berkeley. Their live show is a funny mix of old school bluegrass and drug related lyrics. Standout songs were "Scrotum" ("Scrotum / Scrotum / My wrinkly crinkly bag of skin / Scrotum / Scrotum / It's what I keep my testes in") and "Beer" ("Beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer / Beer, beer, beer, beer, we love beer!")

Afterwards we ended up at yet another late night diner where I had yet another milkshake. I have nothing interesting to say about that milkshake. It was cold, frothy. Was it frothy? I'm kind of writing on autopilot now.


Went to the gym (penance for last night's drinking binge) and then we headed up to Berkeley again for Shrey & Mukal's housewarming party. Their place is nice -- old school stove, lots of space, turntables and gizmos. The cats made me sneeze. Got trapped in this interminable conversation with some flakey girl who couldn't remember the name of an obscure French movie she'd seen. Gnawed my own leg off to escape. She was "coyote-boring".


Modest Mouse concert with Elio, at the fabulous Fillmore auditorium. The band came out wearing wigs and fake mustaches, but because I'd never seen them before I thought it was how they actually looked in real life. This caused me to spend the first 20 minutes of the show fretting that I'd really lost touch with the times. ("Is the "Welcome Back Kotter" look back in style now? I totally missed it. Jeez I'm old...") I was relieved, not to mention a little sheepish, when their wigs slipped off. Even though they didn't play my favorite M.M. song (Heart Cooks Brain), it was still a pretty good show. Not top ten, but I think it's harder for shows to make a big impression on me now that I've seen a lot of them. Tough luck, newcomers.

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