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06.10.00 - 21:28:57

Yesterday night my company rented a boat for all the people on my project (100+) and set us loose on the bay. The bar was open and the drinks were flowing freely. I had one, and then another, and then another, until at last I couldn't tell whether the boat was rocking or I was. I don't know if you've ever been drunk on a boat before-- if I had to pick one word to describe it I would say "unsteady".

The Giants were playing at Pac Bell Park-- we floated by the stadium. It was surreal-- it looked like an island of people in the middle of nowhere. The stadium lights were tremendously bright in the inky night, and you could hear people roar every time the Giants scored.

After we got off the boat it's kind of hazy-- I remember getting into Alice's car, and mumbling incoherently. We ended up at a club in the Haight called the Top. I can't remember the music too well, which means it was probably bad. But I had a good time-- random conversations with strangers (like this girl named Mecca who was drawn in by my 'Mecca USA' shirt), some spastic dancing, and then later in the evening a slurred meal at Mel's with Alice Alex and Andy (the A-Team, har har) in which we discussed the meaning of life and the meaning of milkshakes and whether these are in some sense fundamentally related. The milkshake was pretty good.

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