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05.05.01 - 2:15 a.m.

more palaver, credo not to revise for the time being. today:

7th day in the lovely month of may. springtime, sun out. met up with shawn & jenny, headed to derby party. dolores park was breathtaking ("swath" of half-naked people tanning).

people in summertime hats

"colonel" turns out to be an actual official honor in kentucky (like knighthood!)

bluegrass bands, bidding... didn't think we had much of a chance. Shawn put in 20 and Dana&co upped it a bit in the nick of time & we got Monarchos. i have the hardest time remembering that horse's name. "Churresco? Pharoah?"

the race itself was over in the time it takes to piss. but oh glorious day, oh tension broken with victory! Monarchos took 1st! 1st = 35% of the pot, = $891! springtime sun was shining...

insane wait @ Tommy's for cinco de mayo comida. ai yi yi! andale! (sorry)

Mexican food is not good vegetarian food. I should tattoo that on my arm, I always forget. beans and cheese and rice and enchilada, grease galore. sangria, negro modelo, margaritas, myriad mint juleps (earlier). slow but steady drinking throughout the day can sneak up on you. we came back to apt. and i just meant to lie down for a second but when I opened my eyes two hours had gone by & people were in different positions. rallied to go to marisa party.

cool to see her again, didn't know she was in town. party itself was ok, i was tired & didn't know too many people there. so many hotties though! didn't talk to any (except marisa). shawn: "so basically you're looking for a girl who's ready to settle." we were thinking it would be funny if i put a classified ad on craigslist: "you've tried the best, now try the rest"

rockstar = red bull redone

stars = holes in a poisoned chalice


dana off to munich? lucky lass

urvish's theory on meeting people at parties: "they're all just scenery."

today in the park we played with a dog who, when he was chasing a ball his master had thrown, would stop about 20 feet away from it and make whoever happened to be sitting there pick it up and throw it to him. he'd just stand there, staring expectantly, until they threw it. "come on, i haven't got all day here." i can't tell whether or not this sounds funny, but it was.

tomorrow work, spike & mike, letter re colombia. get that done, it's been a week now. get aj graduation gift? ok think of something. cufflinks? haha or a holepuncher. a *really nice* holepuncher.

mother's day. so many occasions of importance, manufactured or not. dom & roland = TIGHT

my thoughts are not with you, they're with the stars. one room lies dormant and another collapses. the stars are cold above a wide open field, in the darkness a small house alone on the prarie. the comfort and stillness of an unknown frontier.

go to bed

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