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04.08.02 - 2:06 p.m.

I told Angi I'm bored, and she suggested writing a diaryland entry. Why not? I have a nagging guilty feeling that I should be using this precious free time to Write (with a capital W), but when I open Word and stare at the blank screen it's too much. This may not be true writing but it's better than nothing.

What should I write about? Um I could tell you about the BART picnic. A bunch of us rode to all the end points on BART yesterday. richmond and pittsburg bay point and so on. The funny thing is, we didn't want to pay more than $1.10, so we didn't actually GET OUT at any of the stations. But quite a nice view from some of the outdoor ones. We played scrabble & drank wine & ate picnic foods. I took some pictures, but will be predictably lazy about putting them out.

(re scrabble: i scored a bingo with "litigate" (for a neat 72 points), and it was pretty much over at that point. i am small enough to gloat, believe you me)

Went out with N. last night, to see Monsoon Wedding. It was a good date movie. Romantic, but also funny, and not as overbearingly sappy as you would expect a romantic comedy to be. I actually recognized a lot of it as authentic, or at least similar to how my relatives in India act. Ok the part where the guy courts his True Love by making puppy dog eyes outside her apartment and holding up a bouquet of orange flowers in the shape of a heart, while behind him is an elaborate candlelit mandala comprised also of orange flowers-- that was a little over the top.

fig a: hahahahaha! i mean, how romantic honey

The girl with the tattoo was hot t t

"I can't believe that life's so complex / When I just want to sit here and watch you undress "

Oh I've been listening to a fuckload (that is an actual metric unit, defined as three kilograms) of new music. The combined forces of DSL, Audiogalaxy and Q Magazine's 50 best albums of 2001 (and their reviews in general) have given unto me plenty of new gems. I want to put together a separate piece on music. I never write about music, even though it's so important to me. Why? Maybe cos I'm afraid I won't do justice to how it makes me feel.

That is enough for now. I've decided on a new tactic to combat boredom. It rhymes with "thinking", ironically enough.

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