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07.11.02 - 3:05 p.m.

I tend to be suspicious of tests and quizzes that purport to reveal aspects of your personality. For example, in the last few weeks both Angi and Triet tried out name analysis. It worked ok for them. But when I stuck my name into the analyzer, it just gave me a bunch of generic gobbledygook that could have applied equally well to Dweezil Zappa or Mussolini. ("You desire to understand and help others with their problems.")

Recently, however, Travis and Jeff have both turned me on to a new personality technique-- the google "name is" search. I was skeptical, but when I tried it, I was amazed by how accurate the results were. Some of the statements are a bit cryptic, but overall, they nailed me.


Amar is the most creative legal scholar of his generation

Amar is currently implementing a plan designed to provide clean water for 45,000 refugees in camps

Amar is dressed in a simple, yet colorful attire

Amar is teaching bellydance

Amar is a pioneer in the research and development of low-dose, orally administered interferon alpha in the treatment of diseases including Sjögren's syndrome, fibromyalgia, Behçet's disease, hepatitis B and C, and opportunistic infections in HIV patients

Amar is head over heels in love with the ever-elusive Meghana

Amar is going to get us sued

Amar is grateful to Feng Shui

Amar is a young tennis player able to reiterate the exploits of the great names of Swiss tennis such as Hlasek or Rosset

Amar is on maternity leave for Spring 2002

Amar is in the infinitive state

Amar is either the synthetic culmination or the reductio ad absurdum of the Yale school, for he fundamentally conceives popular sovereignty as majoritarian representative democracy

Amar is a chestnut Arabian gelding

Amar is interested in hearing from anyone who has any information on who set off the fire extinguishers in the Underground at the Pulse/Beaver Christmas party

Amar is, btw, a variant of Hellspawn

Amar is as healthy as a horse

Amar is enigmatic

Amar is the rambler,

Amar is made up of 87 words

Amar is not the synonym for "Absolutely Mad And Radicolous" but the name of a Parisian chess player

Amar is now trying to organise an All Ukrainian Cricket Tournament in April

Amar is always one step ahead of the story

Amar is popular in larger cities and throughout suburbs in the northern Miami Valley

Amar is the son of an honest barber

Amar is now available

Amar is an upright devoted police officer who has no mercy for anti social elements or criminals

Amar Is A Star of Israeli Radio and Has Performed Many Songs of Moroccan Jewry

Amar is full of Islamic zeal from head to toe

Amar" is terrified of death

Amar is een vast onderdeel van het Rotterdamse Wereldcircus.

Amar is the only one who q3fs

Amar is very good at putting flora together and pontificating on their beauty

Amar is very obviously clueless

Amar is not wheelchair accessible

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