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05.16.03 - 4:11 p.m.

There's a Spoon song, The Minor Tough, in which Britt Daniels sings:

Reach in your pocket and / pull out the pantleg of hate

I'm serious, look at the lyrics if you don't believe me.

It's really irresponsible to write things like this. I would say easily 15% of my mental energy over the last five years has been spent trying to figure out what the hell Daniels is talking about in that song. The PANTLEG OF HATE? It sounds like a D&D item. "Ooh, I slay you with my +4 Pantleg of Hate."

What powers would the Pantleg of Hate possess? Perhaps anyone who wore it would become overcome with violent hatred; perhaps one would become a "minor tough", as it were. But ok, let's move on to a bigger question: why is the "pantleg of hate" in your POCKET? Who keeps a pantleg in their pocket? Is it in case you rip your pant leg, maybe while biking, and you need a new one? Why not just roll up your pants?

I have written to the Spoon website demanding answers, but they just wrote back saying it's open to interpretation. Well duh, obviously it's open to interpretation, but what's the real story? Did he just pull a rhyme out of his ass? It doesn't even rhyme with anything!!

I will not rest until I get an answer.

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