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10.26.03 - 5:33 p.m.

I take back what I said about Neko Case not being sexy. I've been listening to "Blacklisted", Case's solo album, and her sultry voice is inducing complex cowboy/cowgirl fantasies.

Went to southbay last night for the official "half-assed pre halloween party". Attendees included Laura (fairy?), Angi (panda), Takaki (soccer ball head), Seth (clark kent about to become superman), Jenny (i forget), Michael (whose entire crew came in In n' Out burger outfits! respect!), Josie (?), Nicole/Eric (?), David (Elio's mom), TJ (gas station attendant), Elio (?), Anne (?), Anita (unicorn), Kate (fairy wings), Prithi (maniacally enthusiastic about her halloween cookies) (?). I probably forgot somebody.

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