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02.10.04 - 10:56 a.m.

Yesterday AM was the kind of morning that, were I the dramatic type, would have ended with me collapsing to my knees in tears.

  1. I woke up late, because my flight the previous night had been delayed and I hadn't gotten in until 2AM.
  2. I was out of clean socks.
  3. I boiled water for oatmeal only to realize there was no oatmeal.
  4. In lieu of oatmeal, I opted for cereal. But I didn't have time to eat it at home, so I searched around for a small container so I could take it to go. Couldn't find a single damn container. By the time I gave up searching, so much time had passed that I might as well have just eaten at home.
  5. Got to the station just as my train was leaving.
  6. Tried to listen to ipod but realized I'd left the headphones in my other bag.
  7. Tried to sleep but it was too noisy, and I couldn't drown the noise out since my ipod was useless.
  8. Got onto the train and rode for 45 minutes before realizing I was ON THE WRONG TRAIN. Apparently BART started a new schedule while I was in Vegas. Late to work.

From there things thankfully got better. But, a nice little closer-- when I left work that evening, I stopped at Bi-Rite to buy a well-deserved Pinot. Got home, opened it up... and of course the cork was rotten and the wine had turned to vinegar.


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