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05.10.04 - 4:24 p.m.

I played Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow so much over the weekend that I had a dream about vampire hunting. In this dream, vampires were everywhere, and I was trying to make people aware of this. I gave numerous PowerPoint presentations, featuring sharply inclined graphs of vampire related deaths vs time, but nobody would listen.

I think they would have been more appreciative of the danger if they'd had to fight the Grim Reaper boss, who goes through 3 incarnations and features a whirling scythe attack that CANNOT be escaped.

Other things this weekend: Cosmo and I checked out Erlend ye at some gallery downtown. He was promoting his new DJ Kicks album, which is supposed to be pretty good. His trick is to DJ and sing at the same time, kind of like walking and chewing gum. Actually it's probably harder, but it helps if you don't bother beatmatching.. His set wasn't really about technical precision; it was more just playing music he liked and hosting a party. I like ye's taste in music; he played a lot of synthy techno/electro-pop and it would have been very danceable if there had been any room to dance.

A bunch of us also celebrated David's birthday at Bottom of the Hill, where Of Montreal was playing. Though clever, their singer sported an annoying indie-rock whine, making me wonder if their name was short for "Whiney Band Kicked Out Of Montreal." Shawn and I soon retreated from the twee pop assault and headed to the back room, where we ended up playing pool with this guy & girl who turned out to be members of one of the opening bands. At least that's what they said-- we hadn't actually seen them play, but there were a million opening bands, so, statistically speaking, we could have spit and hit a random band member.

Az. and I leave for Hawaii on Friday. I should probably think about thinking about starting to think about packing. Eh, tomorrow.

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