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08.30.04 - 5:24 p.m.

Today was a sunny day. Az. is in Miami and I'm taking a couple days off work, with the place to myself. Over the weekend I was superhermetic, but today I had to find some reason to get out in the light. I drove around aimlessly, or semi-aimfully rather, listening to music and heading in the general direction of Golden Gate Bridge. Every time I saw something it provoked a San Francisco memory-- biking over the bridge with A., looking at the starfish on the rocks with PIB, racquetball with Shawn at Koret, drinking beer in the Presidio with Cody, hanging out at the wave organ with Stirling and Missy. I felt a bit sad when I thought about how we've all drifted apart. It's just what happens as you get older and people move away and get married and generally get busy. You still hang out but it's hard to do as often. Like how stars move apart as the universe expands. It was something to contemplate as I watched the sailboats drift in the bay.

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