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10.22.04 - 10:35 a.m.

I should put some pictures up here, because who wants to read a buncha words? like beavis and butthead on that van halen video with all the pretentious subtitles... "This blows! If i wanted to read i'd be in school!"

File me under N, for "Not-nabokov." That's my new nom de plume... A--- Not-Nabokov, Sr. I can't wait for A--- Not-Nabokov, Jr to arrive, so I can finally get someone to vacuum...

Everything I say these days, you have to imagine I'm saying it like Mitch Hedberg would say it. Stoned, semi-southern, mumbled, half-laughing to myself... I've adopted his mannerisms, much to the annoyance of Az. Man I would hate to date me, it would be such a pain.

If carrots got you drunk, rabbits would be *fucked up*...

I like how he laughs at his own jokes, frequently stops halfway through to comment "that one was stupid," and generally shambles through his act. At first I thought "Mitch All Together" was the better album, because he's louder and more energetic. But now I think Strategic Grill Locations is better, because he didn't edit the album at all, so you hear his entire onstage process, and that's part of what makes it so funny. I'm telling you, pick it up and you'll see. And if you don't see, you're OFF THE A-LIST! (My A-List has a revolving door.)

Last night I was bummed to miss Cosmo's going-away dinner. But our friend Leena P had planned her film screening months in advance, and we'd promised to go, and I was glad we did. I'd never seen any of her movies before. I liked the 1st one particularly, a documentary called Dreaming in Code, about her boyfriend Ameet (now husband) and his friends and the dotcom they all started... crazy days in the SF goldrush, 4 or 5 of them living in the same apartment, live/work space. At nights they would rearrange all the furniture and throw ecstasy fueled parties. I liked the discussion of ecstasy and the effects it had on their whole scene, and how it felt to see the same group of people SO MUCH. It made me a bit nostalgic, like time travel back to those days when everybody was possibly rich and everybody was a web-something and the parties were going off... I mean they still go off, but we're all older now and even though they say with drugs you can always be a virgin again, I don't think that's true. You'll never get that first flush from ecstasy, anymore than you can get that first moment at burning man where you're like HOLY SHIT THIS EXISTS... and then the next year, "meh, EL is the new glow stick"

i need to get a voice activated tape recorder, because i want to write more dialog, but i need to study how people actually talk... get the raw material...

one last funny thing. after the movies ended, Ameet was thanking everyone for showing up, and he said "By the way, I'm running for district 5 supervisor, so vote for me." I got all excited and said to Az, "that's so cool, someone we know is running for office!" and then she pointed out that he was kidding (i.e. I'm an idiot.) If you're really planning to run for district 5 supervisor, it's probably not a good idea to star in a documentary where you do lots of ecstasy and talk frankly about its salutary effects. Although to be honest, I'd be more likely to vote for you.

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