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04.29.05 - 5:52 p.m.

Tiga tonight at 1015. I been waiting a long time for Mr. Manchild to make it hereabouts. Now that he's finally playing, I feel too tired to go. My bones are creakin... storms a'comin. But we must REPRESENT (our apt)

Back in the day my favorite DJ was Surgeon. Now it's Tiga. 10 years from now it will probably be some dude on NPR... light jazz for these dark times.

I've got this song in my head, where a girl sings, "I've got a meeting in the ladies room... I'll be back real soon."

What was that song about? Was she going to go fight some other girl in the ladies room? Was she going in there to do coke? Did she plan on conferring with her girlfriends about some boy?

I hate 1015. They pat you down like a criminal and the crowds always make me tense. There's a long line to get in and the cover is always too much. These are not problems you encounter when listening to NPR.

I've got a meeting in the ladies room
I'll be back real soon

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