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01.19.03 - 4:10 p.m.

ok i got six minutes in this internet cafe. updating on the weekend, what a novelty!

on saturday laura az. and i went to the peace rally. there were approximately 5 trillion people there, which i found very inspiring despite the fact that many of them reeked of patchouli and sage. NO WARGASM FOR BUSH. i was reluctant to go at first because i do think there's some merit to the claim that deposing a dictator in iraq could precipitate modernization in the middle east and move saudi arabia, iran etc. in some kind of progressive direction. but let's be honest (the bushies are rarely honest) -- what is our plan for after we get rid of saddam? based on previous history (read: the shah in iran) we'll probably end up backing some repressive pro-western puppet who the people of iraq despise, and then what? there's a reason everybody in iran hates america.

we ran into missy & the whole cornell crew at the rally, which was fun. but also ran into a., which was not fun. she pretended i wasnt there, which was immature but not entirely surprising. i tried to say hi but ended up pretending she wasn't there either. i heartily look forward to more of this in the future, seeing as how she and stirling are now bosom buddies.

today went for a nice bike ride with az, around the east side of the city where everything's industrial. ended up in balmy alley where graffiti abounds and a skateboard begged me to go for a ride. who leaves their skateboard out on the street? i should have stolen it on general principle.

no time left, later

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