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07.24.02 - 12:48 p.m.

I need a page where I can write down words that I want to incorporate into my vocabulary. You know what they say about guys with a big vocabulary. (myth: "it's not the size, it's how you use it." reality: size matters.)

Anyway I'm gonna make this my all purpose utility page. You can safely skip it, unless you are some kind of internet stalker who feels the need to read every last detail of my existence. (I always feel lame when I write an entry like the last one, that's 10000 words long. I mean who's gonna read that sh*t? But sometimes it has to be done, for the sake of posterity. KEEPING A HISTORICAL RECORD HERE PEOPLE!)

Vocabulary Words For Fun and Profit

prepossessing : creating a favorable impression ("a prepossessing manner")
autodidact : self-taught
suppurate : form or discharge pus (ellen's festering sores are suppurating, but otherwise she's lovely)
pedantry "Fatboy Slim? (derisive snort) I liked Norman Cook better when he was in the Housemartins. You never heard of them?! They had a killer 7" on MyAss Records..."
incipient Beginning to appear or exist. "the incipient war on iraq" (?)

A----'s Todo List of Funne

  1. send postal items to jka/els
  2. set up VPN
  3. get bike light
  4. incorporate d's tips into ambio
  5. unpack, decorate kozy shack
  6. buy bookshelves, nightstand, plant
  7. buy sneakers

Miscellaneous crap

"Mutherfucker, did I sound abstract? / I hope it sounded more confusing than that."

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