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19.10.00 - 17:25:38

On Tuesday Angi Andy Shawn and I went to see Felonious at the Last Chance Saloon. Felonious is a multiculti group of rappers/beatboxers, with some keys and drums thrown in the mix. They performed the first act from their work in progress, a hip hop opera (or hip-hopera, if you will (and I will)) that they prefer to call a 'raperetta'.

I went into it thinking it would be interesting but not necessarily good. But it was so much fun! The raperetta lyrics were workable but not brilliant, but the way they integrated it w/ beatboxing and dancing and humor was awesome. Their energy & enthusiasm was infectious, and by the time it was over I was dying to see more. We're definitely going back to see the second act once they finish it.

We stayed for a while afterwards to hear Felonious play, but it was getting late and those of us in the audience who were working stiffs had to call it a night. The bus ride back home was silent-- just us and a mysterious Asian girl with a longboard.

Yesterday not much happened except for work. Matt & his friends had a crazy party, but I'm so inured to their antics by now that I barely even noticed. Poor Andy though-- I lent him a pair of wax earplugs but don't know if it helped or not.

Today is the day of the build. If anything breaks I will scream.

Last Day Saloon

406 Clement St.

(Clement @ 5th Ave.)

phone: 415.387.6343

Almost forgot to talk about Rome and Jules, that hip-hop dance performance (loosely based on Romeo and Juliet, emphasis on loosely) that Triet Jenny Angi and I went to. It was really good as well, but entirely because of the dancing. That's a lot of hip-hop esoterica for one week huh?

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