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07.19.03 - 6:09 p.m.

focus was really fun. az. and i were all stressed out because we signed up to do bar from 11-12. "What if someone orders a Cosmo or a Scorpion?" "Tell them to SUCK IT."

nobody ordered complicated drinks though. met a bunch of pinhole people, indulged (a bit much? is just enough), danced and danced and danced some more. i was feeling hesohi the most. never heard him before last night but he played a roof-raising set. and lo! it was not house! not cheesy 4-4 sf stuff, anyway. tight syncopated rhythms, kind of 2-steppy? but with lots of ragga chatter and dub basslines. i am no expert but i felt it in my bones, and the dancefloor was packed full. i love that feeling when you catch someone's eye, another person's eye, and everybody on the dancefloor's smiling. the whole room is connected through sound&motion. it reminds me why i go out in the first place.

magnus drove lori (the shark car) all the way up from LA, but he couldnt park it in front because nick's airstream was already there. i asked about his strange haircut and he told me it's a "faux-hawk."

nitrous balloon -- lasts 15 seconds and it's the strangest sensation, you're laughing your ass off even though nothing's funny. laughing feels good. if you smile enough maybe you start to think you're happy? if you laugh enough maybe everything becomes funny?

i hope we raised enough money for the camera. even if not, it was a great night & a good introduction to miscellaneous party people. (cue "party people" sample)

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