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11.01.04 - 3:02 p.m.

i am tired and stressed. halloween was fun but right now i am thinking about tomorrow, and the days to come. down the road-- will i be able to look my kids in the eye and tell them that i did all i could? of course not. will you?

i console myself with the thought that i did more in this election than i've ever done before, in terms of joining organizations and giving money and bugging friends and sending emails and even occasionally calling politicians' offices. i don't kid myself; i did maybe 1/10000th of what i could have done. but i tried. i did try.

i don't believe in god, so i can't pray for tomorrow to end well. there's nothing to do but call people, knock on wood and read the news nonstop. it goes without saying that you're going to vote tomorrow, or you've already voted. if these statements are not true, FUCK YOU! or to put it in more pleasant terms, PLEASE, PLEASE VOTE. print out these cheat sheets if you live in CA and need some advice.

ACLU voter guide for CA
san francisco guardian "Clean Slate" voter guide

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