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01.29.03 - 2:09 p.m.

Do you have things that you're proud of but embarrassed to be proud of? I'll give you some examples of what I mean.

1. Not watching TV. I don't claim this is any kind of nuanced moral decision; I just get bored sitting in front of a TV, plus commercials put my teeth on edge. In general I find that life without TV is dandy, but to claim that this makes me superior to the rest of humanity would be inappropriate. In general, people who make a big deal out of not watching TV tend to be wankers.

2. Not eating fast food. Again, this isn't due to careful analysis of the malign effects of the fast food industry as enumerated in Fast Food Nation; I just don't like the taste of McDonald's / Taco Hell / Jackoff In The Box. (Clever, no?) Also, it's hard to eat fast food if you're a vegetarian, which until recently I was. Yes, I'm coming out-- after six years, I'm going back to eating meat once in a while. Curiously, although I now occasionally eat meat, I eat way less dairy then I used to. So my net contribution to the torture of animals via agribusiness is probably still low. Az. and I are similar in this way; or maybe she's influencing me. More likely the latter.

3. Not being aware that last Sunday was Superbowl Sunday until well after the fact. I mean I'm sure I'd read about it and seen emails about Superbowl parties, but somehow it didn't permeate my consciousness until people started rioting in Oakland. Az. and I spent the day tripping in Golden Gate Park, with nary an Raiders fan in sight. Don't you think our alternate reality was nicer? But then again, I'm ashamed to be proud of this because it makes me seem like an elitist football-loathing snob. Which I am, but I like to hide it under a veneer of hearty good cheer.

Ok I'm bored with that list.

fig a: This image is too awesome to sully with any attempt at a witty caption. In the words of Dave Barry, I am not making this up.

What else was I gonna talk about? Oh Az. got a job! It doesn't pay enough, but I'm still happy for her. We went to Taco Tuesday yesterday to celebrate. Taco Tuesday is a DJ night at the Border Cantina, featuring $2 margaritas, $2 tacos and surprisingly tolerable house. I'd never been there before, and it turned out to be a lot of fun-- I think in part because it was their one year anniversary, so the crowd was bigger than usual.

We danced to M3 for the third time in four nights. In addition to T.T. last night, he played Sublounge on Friday and Kraftseed on Saturday. The guy is everywhere. He's a trooper. Midori Sushi named a roll after him. (This is highest award a sushi restaurant can bestow. It's like the Congressional Medal of Honor.)

Next week: A--- reviews Predatory Drugs

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